Task 7.2

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Task 7.2 Adjective Clauses (written)

This task is comprised of two parts (22 points). Be sure you complete both parts:

  • T7.2 Part 1 (written) (11 points)
  • T7.2 Part 2 (written) (11 points)



  1. Locate Appendix AH: Adjective Clauses Rubric (written) (22 points). Your instructor will use this rubric to assess this task.
  2. Create a new document using MS Word, or a compatible program.
  3. Format you document in double space, 12 point Times New Roman font.
  4. Include a title page on your document. The title page should be formatted using APA style.


T7.2 Part 1

  1. Copy the eleven (11) sentences shown below and paste them into your new document.
  2. Combine the sentences, using the second sentence as an adjective clause.


  1. Sally finally finished typing the letters. The department supervisor needs to sign them.
  2. The red station wagon was driven by a drunk driver. It caused the accident.
  3. The police talked to the woman. Her car had been broken into.
  4. The woman seemed well qualified for the position. Mr. North just interviewed her.
  5. Mrs. Tanaka is looking for the person. The person’s car is blocking her driveway.
  6. Joe’s parents don’t like the music. Joe listens to the music.
  7. My grandmother bought a lot of clothes. The clothes were on sale.
  8. The issue is not relevant to our current discussion. Many people are talking about the issue.
  9. The printer is fast and dependable. Jason bought it last week.
  10. People are in great demand in today’s job market. People have advanced computer skills.
  11. The principal presented awards to the children. Their artwork was chosen for the citywide art contest.


T7.2 Part 2

  1. Copy the eleven (11) sentences shown below and paste them into a new page of the document you created  in the first part of this exercise.
  2. Complete the sentences, using where, when, or that. Give the best answer possible.


  1. Jack would like to know the name of the store ______I got my new DVD player.
  2. Phillip will meet us at the bus stop ___________is on the corner of 23rd Avenue and Main Street.
  3. The travel agent needs to know some alternative date’s _______________ we can leave on vacation.
  4. Can you run upstairs and get my green scarf? It’s in the closet _________ I kept my winter coat.
  5. The house ________Maria is going to buy has two bedrooms and one bathroom.
  6. The months _________ have 30 days are April, June, September, and November.
  7. I remember the time ________Robert forgot to turn off the bathroom faucet and we came home to a house full of water.
  8. _______ When we go to Atlanta, George wants to drive by the house _________he grew up to see if it still looks the same.
  9. The office ________ you are going to be working in is down the hall, the second door to the left.
  10. Paul has really enjoyed all of the cities _________ he has visited during his trip through India.
  11. The day __________ we got married was probably the happiest day of my life.


  1. Save your file as: T7.2.yourname.lastname and send it through the Assignment Drop Box.
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